is a community of people and organizations sensitive to a more human and generous development of the knowledge economy.This community mixes freely both in a physical location (Parc de Belloch, situated 30Km to the north of Barcelona, Spain) and in this space on the Internet.

Belloch aspires to become a Knowledge Park which accommodates both academic life, the transmission of knowledge and attitudes, and companies and organizations interested in its practical application in terms of innovation.

Belloch is concerned by three essential spheres:

  • Peopleand their nearby universe of needs
  • Cityas the most specifically human and unifying aspect of the territory
  • Planetas everyone’s home

People, city and planet form the central trilogy of our tasks.

In Belloch we appreciate opinions and not fear, an opening-up to the world and not inbreeding, meaning and not language, the goodness of the best values of communication and design, on building the new society of the 21st century, and not simple technological admiration.

Welcome to Belloch.

Belloch wants to be a place of interaction, to do things together, where some show others and creativity is stimulated for innovation. We are open.

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